Disposal tea and coffee cups

We’re committed to having a minimal waste policy during the conference. However, we had to weigh-up the logistical trade-off of servicing several hundred porcelain cups for tea/coffee twice per day in a venue without an industrial washing machine and the carbon footprint of this, along with the environmental impact of disposable cups.

As a compromise, we’ve sourced biodegradable cups. All participants will receive two cups, one for each day and these will be your cups for the entirety of the conference. If you would prefer to bring your own mug, then please let us know here by the 15th of December so we can avoid ordering these for you instead. 


Bring £1 ‘pant’ for your Love Cambridge lunch cards

The Love Cambridge lunch cards are sadly made from the toughest and most indestructible and non-biodegradable plastic known to humankind. So we want them back once you’ve spent their credit, and send them back to the supplier to be reused. Please bring a £1 pant in exchange for your card.

This money will be returned to you at the end of the conference once you have handed back the card. Please have the £1 coin ready at hand when you arrive for registration to ease this process.


Conference programmes and maps

As part of our commitment to minimal waste, we will not be printing individual programmes for all participants. Instead, we will only provide them to people who request them specifically here. Please let us know if you want a paper version by the 5th of January. Each row within the lecture theatre will have a ‘share me’ programme which can be passed between people.