Welcome to the CCF 2019 Annual Symposium


Nature is in a state of dramatic change with a decline of biodiversity on the one hand and the re-appearance of wildlife and iconic species in other parts of Europe and North America. Landscape habitat restoration is being increasingly seen as a way of improving not only wildlife populations, but also providing wider societal benefits such as flood alleviation, carbon storage and improvements in health and welfare through recreational use.

Abandonment of marginal agricultural land, the demand for woodland as part of efforts to mitigate climate change and the increasing attraction of an urbanised society for wildlife, eco-tourism and nature, also mean that ideas such as rewilding should be given greater consideration moving forward. There will be challenges in creating self-sustaining and free-willed nature, particularly in the UK, and in producing economic models that can accommodate both the needs of those that depend on the land for their livelihoods and those that visit and enjoy the countryside.

Any change of land use has a profound impact on all concerned and the experiences of other countries show that the most important factor in successful rewilding programmes is the inclusion and participation of all stakeholders in an atmosphere of respect and openness. This symposium will provide a platform for different stakeholders to come together to put forward their views, reservations and perspectives. 

As part of CCF’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and gender equality, the conference will 100% carbon neutral and will aim for a 50:50 gender distribution of speakers.